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Cooking Fever Review

Cooking Fever Review

Oct 20, 2016

Do you enjoy cooking games? Cooking Fever is a free and highly addictive time management game that has you cooking an enormous variety of dishes in themed restaurants around the world. As you play, you’ll unlock additional restaurants and serve everything from sushi to stadium grub. In terms of its sheer volume of content, Cooking Fever is one of the largest cooking games available on any platform. Unlocking all of the content isn’t going to be easy, though.

One of the Biggest Cooking Games Ever

When you begin playing Cooking Fever, you’ll begin your career as a basic fast good worker serving burgers and drinks. You’ll get used to the basic game mechanics quickly, and then you’ll move on by adding more dishes and improving your restaurant. Keeping your customers happy becomes a lot easier as you begin to add visual upgrades to your restaurants and purchase new cooking equipment to get dishes completed more quickly. With so many restaurants to unlock and so many upgrades to purchase, Cooking Fever will keep you busy for a long time if you want to see content — and Nordcurrent adds more content regularly.

The One Problem With Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever has two currencies: money and gems. You can collect money from your open restaurants every day, so you’ll have more money than you need before long. Gems — Cooking Fever’s premium currency — aren’t so easy to come by. You’ll get two gems every day for logging in, but you’ll need a lot more than that if you want to purchase all of the upgrades for every restaurant and unlock all of the game’s content.

Many Cooking Fever players have complained about the pace with which the game gives out free gems — and you’ll quickly find that two gems per day will result in a wait of many months before you’ll be able to unlock all of Cooking Fever’s content. If you really enjoy the game, you’ll almost definitely have to pay real money to unlock all of the restaurants in a reasonable amount of time. Just as you begin to tick off the last few available restaurants and upgrades, you’ll probably see a game update tempting you to buy gems just one more time.

Cooking Fever Review: The Bottom Line

Cooking Fever is the sort of fast-paced game that’s going to appeal to many fans of cooking games. Gameplay is simple enough that you can easily start the game, simulate a day or two in the life of your restaurant and close the game to do something else. Variety is one of the features that appeal most to lovers of cooking games, and there’s no shortage of that here. Even if you do spend a little money to unlock content, you’ll probably play for months before you see it all. Since Cooking Fever is a free game, you’ve got nothing to lose by trying it out. If games like Diner Dash have left you feeling a bit bored, Cooking Fever is definitely a good game for scratching that time management itch.