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Fluxx iOS Review

Fluxx iOS Review

Dec 29, 2012

Download: iPad Fluxx - Playdek, Inc. | iPhone/iPod Touch Fluxx - Playdek, Inc.

Price: $2.99

Genre: Card

Publisher: Playdek

Every few years in the tabletop gaming world, a product is released that becomes so successful that it seems to transcend the usual boundaries of geekiness that separate gamers and non-gamers. Magic: The Gathering did it in the 1990s, the Catan series spent plenty of time in the spotlight in the 2000s, and Fluxx seems to be shaping up as the game of the 2010s. Although the gameplay in Fluxx is extremely simple, the ever-changing rules make it difficult to achieve victory except by luck and encourage plenty of good-natured griefing.

If you’ve looked online for Fluxx reviews, you may have seen descriptions essentially stating that Fluxx is a completely different game every time you play. On the first turn, you draw one card and play one. From there, you simply do what the cards say — and you never know what is going to happen. From these reviews, you might get the impression that Fluxx is a wildly random and varied game unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. In fact, many Fluxx reviews seem to exaggerate the ever-changing nature of the game, which may initially cause disappointment when you play it.

Fluxx iPad Review

In fact, while the peripheral rules are constantly changing, the goal in Fluxx is always the same; to win, you need to collect a pair of two cards called “Keepers.” The Keepers are various items from everyday life, such as pizza, bread and a television. The two Keepers needed to win the game are specified on a card called the “Goal,” which any player can change during his turn. Since there is only one of each Keeper — with the exception of the “Friend” card, of which there are two — having a pair of Keepers while their matching goal is on the table can sometimes take a while.

In the meantime, you’ll be using Fluxx’s “Action” and “New Rule” cards to alter the environment in ways that help you as much as possible while hindering your opponent. Some cards allow you to steal your opponent’s hand or Keepers, while others allow both players to draw or play more cards per turn. Some cards limit the size of players’ hands and others reduce the number of Keepers that can be in play.

It’s not uncommon to start each turn with a vastly different Goal and set of rules than were in play the previous turn, which gives Fluxx an enormous sense of variety. In one game, both players will have a glut of cards and it’ll be a quest to slow the other player down as much as possible while you try to get the Keepers needed to win. In the next game, a Keeper limit will be in place and you’ll have to decide which cards to send to the discard pile each turn. Although it’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that Fluxx is a completely different game each time you play, the random and fast-playing nature of Fluxx gives it an addictive quality that’ll keep you coming back.

Fluxx supports up to four human and/or AI players and has online and offline play modes.