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How to Earn Easy Gold in Hearthstone

How to Earn Easy Gold in Hearthstone

Feb 15, 2015

Since its release in 2014, Blizzard’s digital trading card game Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has captured the imaginations of more than ten million players worldwide. Much of Hearthstone’s appeal stems from the fact that, although it is possible for players to increase to expand their card collections quickly by buying Expert Packs, the vast majority of the game’s content can be unlocked for free. This is a slow process, however; you earn ten of Hearthstone’s gold coins for every three victories against human players. At this rate, you’ll need to win 30 games for each Expert Pack or 45 games for a chance to win prizes in the Arena. This is a time-consuming proposition; without spending real money you’ll be lucky to earn more than 100 coins per day. By following a few simple techniques, though, you can earn easy gold in Hearthstone and increase your card collection quickly without spending real money.


It might seem counterintuitive, but conceding every game is one of the fastest ways to earn gold in Hearthstone when you have no active quests. To use this technique, simply start a game, play your first turn and see if your opponent concedes. If he doesn’t, concede the game yourself. This technique works because many people run “bots” that keep Hearthstone running while they are away from their computers. These bots are programmed to concede every game automatically. This increases gold reserves over time because when one “concede bot” faces another, one has to win — and the likelihood of facing a “concede bot” at Hearthstone’s minimum rank of 20 is quite high. At the time of writing, Blizzard has instituted no penalty for players who concede games in Hearthstone, so this technique can allow you to earn gold easily without playing lengthy games that you might ultimately lose.

Daily Quests

Each day, Hearthstone automatically presents you with a quest that gives you an opportunity to earn extra gold. For example, a daily quest might give you a reward of 60 gold coins for winning five games using either the Priest or Warlock classes. In case you are unable to complete a quest on the day it is given, you can have up to three active quests simultaneously. If you receive a new quest when you already have three active quests, the oldest quest will disappear. Complete every quest before this happens; you’ll earn a minimum of 280 gold coins per week from Hearthstone’s daily quests.

Hidden Quests

Hearthstone has a number of hidden quests that, when completed, grant large one-time bonuses of gold coins. For example, you will receive 100 coins after completing your first three games against human opponents. Hearthstone also grants you 300 coins after you have defeated 100 opponents and an additional 300 coins after your thousandth victory. In all, you can earn 1100 gold coins, two Expert Packs and several rare cards by completing all of Hearthstone’s hidden quests.


To play in the Hearthstone Arena, you’ll need to pay a fee of $1.99 or 150 gold coins. However, many players see this as a worthwhile risk because you’ll always win a minimum of two prizes in the Arena — even if your Arena run ends with no victories. When you play in the Hearthstone Arena, you’ll always win one Expert Pack along with a combination of gold coins, Arcane Dust and cards. If you win at least seven games, though, you’re guaranteed to earn enough gold coins to make your next Arena run free. Therefore, the best way to earn easy gold in Hearthstone is to become better at drafting Arena decks that win consistently. Not only will you win enough gold to continue drafting, but you’ll also receive a constant supply of the new cards needed to improve your rank in constructed deck play.