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40 Beautiful, Minimal and Functional Mac Workspaces

40 Beautiful, Minimal and Functional Mac Workspaces

Jun 20, 2011

There are few things more beautiful in the world of electronics than the perfect marriage of form and function. This is something that Steve Jobs has always understood, and Apple’s products reflect that drive to create devices that work well and look beautiful. Apple’s industrial design has inspired many people to build beautiful, functional and minimal workspaces around their Macs, and a clutter-free environment without distractions encourages productivity and creativity. We looked at tens of thousands of Creative Commons images on Flickr to find the ones that we felt were the most inspiring. Would you like to share a picture of your home office or work environment? Send a picture to admin (at) We’d love to feature it.

These pictures appear in no particular order. Click any picture to see a larger version.

Mac Workspace Grass

This beautiful workspace appears courtesy of Nicholas Todd. The top portion of the desk was built by the photographer, who included a notch for plant trays. The trays are filled with wheat grass, which explains the beautiful bright green color. This work area has a wonderful sense of calm about it and includes a free air purifier, to boot.

Minimal Functional Desktop Herman Miller Airia Embody Cable Management

We became big fans of Herman Miller after seeing this beautiful workspace photographed by Nick Keppol. The desk is the Airia by Herman Miller, and the chair appears to be the Embody, also by Herman Miller. The photographer also created the art that you see in the background, using reclaimed wood from various sources. The desk has a built-in cable channel, and you can see an additional cable cover below the desk to keep the floor looking neat. Great job.

Viewzi Office Minimal Mac Workspace Tree View Glare Control

The desk position in this picture strikes a great balance between providing the worker a great view and minimizing glare from the sun. According to photographer Travis Isaacs, the blinds never needed to be lowered more than what is shown in the picture. This Mac workspace is clean and minimal and leaves you feeling close to nature. This photograph was taken at the office of Viewzi in Dallas, Texas. Viewzi sadly went out of business in 2010. Hopefully the photographer found another beautiful place to work.

Apple II Workspace Print Ad

This is Apple’s vision of a comfortable and functional home office, circa 1977. As you can see, the man’s wife is looking on lovingly as her husband gives himself permanent neck damage from poor monitor positioning. Nevertheless, the advertisement most likely succeeded in showing potential customers the increase in productivity that a computer could bring. We are certain that the man finished his work in time for dinner — and a trip to the chiropractor.

Colorful Minimal Mac Workspace

We like the splash of color that the circular rugs bring to this Mac workspace photographed by Bill Bradford. The photographer and his wife decorated their home in a retro/1950s theme, but the iMac was purely modern when the photo was taken in 2005.

Cinema Display iBook Double Transparent Desktop Wallpaper

Transparent desktop wallpaper is always a cool effect, but this photo by motoyen takes things a step further by allowing you to see straight through two screens to the blinds behind the Cinema Display. The color calibration of the screens is just about flawless. The photo might have been nicer if the blinds had been open, but who knows — maybe there isn’t much to see back there. Having the iBook in front of the keyboard makes this workspace more showy than functional, but it makes one think about the openness that a transparent wallpaper can evoke in a home office environment.

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