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Does the iPad Have a USB Port or Memory Card Slot?

Does the iPad Have a USB Port or Memory Card Slot?

Jan 3, 2011

The iPad has limited options for expansion.

USB Port

The iPad does not have a USB port. The only port on the iPad is a dock connector which works with Apple-approved accessories such as the iPad docking station and iPad keyboard. There have been rumors indicating that the iPad 2 — expected in 2011 — will have a USB port. However, we believe that given Apple’s tendency to keep the ecosystem of accessories for its consumer devices as closed and controlled as possible, the iPad 2 will not have a USB port. Time will tell.

Memory Card Slot

The iPad does not have a memory card slot. The only slot that the iPad has is on the 3G + WiFi model, which has a slot for a Subscriber Identity Module or SIM. The SIM does not have sufficient memory space for the storage of bulk data like a memory card. We believe it is unlikely that the iPad 2 or any other future iPad models will have a slot for an SD card or other memory card, as this would only encourage customers to buy the least expensive iPad and upgrade it with a memory card after receiving it. Additionally, it is likely that the internal storage of the iPad is much faster than a memory card would be, and that storing iPad applications on a memory card would cause them to run more slowly.