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Apple Product Rumors for 2012: iPad 3, iPad Mini, TV With Siri

Apple Product Rumors for 2012: iPad 3, iPad Mini, TV With Siri

Nov 24, 2011

iPad 3 with Retina Display in Q1 2012?

CNET reports that, according to DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim, Apple is on track to produce a Retina Display-equipped iPad 3 in 2012 and that the first units could begin hitting the market as soon as January. The new iPad 3 display would have a resolution of 2048×1536 and would be produced by Samsung, Sharp and LG.

Rumors about a Retina Display for the iPad began early in 2011, but when the iPad 2 was finally released it had the same 1024×768 display as the original iPad. The general consensus among experts at the time was that the display manufacturers were having difficulty producing the new screen with high enough yields for the resulting device to be profitable. Although Shim believes that a Retina Display-equipped iPad 3 could hit the market as soon as January, it may take a few months longer before production ramps up to sufficient levels to meet demand.

Apple to Fight Fire With iPad Mini?

In the same article, Shim goes on to state that he believes Apple could be readying an “iPad Mini” with a 7.85-inch screen for release in mid-2012 to combat the success of Amazon’s Kindle Fire — something Steve Jobs was adamant would never happen. Jobs believed that an “iPad Mini” would be a bad idea because it would force software developers to redesign their applications for the new form factor. However, this rumor suggests that new CEO Tim Cook could change Apple’s direction on this matter.

On the other hand, it could make sense for Apple to allow this rumor to spread even if the company has no intention of producing an iPad Mini. If people believe that an iPad Mini is going to happen, they might hold off on buying a Kindle Fire until they know what Apple is going to release and what the price will be like. By the time is becomes obvious that an iPad Mini isn’t going to happen, the iPad 3 will be out and undecided customers will have a more attractive alternative to consider.

Siri Could Be Secret Ingredient in Apple TV

BGR reports that Apple is readying a new HDTV for release in mid-2012. Apparently, Sharp will be producing the set at a Japanese plant beginning in March. Some believe that Apple’s new recipe for television success will include Siri, giving viewers the ability to issue voice commands. Like Siri on the iPhone 4S, the voice recognition should be intelligent and able to interpret non-specific commands such as “watch the Tigers game.”

Apple has attempted to penetrate the television market more than once before, with the release of the Macintosh TV in 1993 and the Apple TV in 2007. Neither product found mainstream success.