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Fix for iPhone 4S Battery, New Steve Jobs Interview, GTA5

Fix for iPhone 4S Battery, New Steve Jobs Interview, GTA5

Nov 2, 2011

iOS 5 Battery Life Update Coming

Apple has found and is in the process of finishing a resolution for the battery life issue that some iPhone 4S owners are facing, The Loop reports. According to MacRumors, a beta version of iOS 5.0.1 that resolves the battery issue has already been seeded to developers. The update should be available for end users within the next few weeks. In the mean time, there are plenty of tricks that you can use to improve iPhone 4S battery life until the fix is released.

CIO Releases 75-Minute Steve Jobs Interview from 1995

CIO has released a 75-minute unedited video of an interview conducted with Steve Jobs in 1995 in which Jobs speaks about Apple, NeXT and Pixar.¬†Robert Cringely also recently posted about his rather famous interview with Steve Jobs — also conducted in 1995 — including what became some of the most famous segments of his documentary Triumph of the Nerds. During the interview, Jobs gives his famous statements about Microsoft “having no taste” and making “third-rate products.” He also speaks about how his people have “always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” Apparently, a VHS copy of this interview has recently been discovered, though Cringely has not yet decided what to do with it.

Rockstar Releases First Trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5

There was never any question that Grand Theft Auto 5 was on the way; the only question was “when.” Rockstar has released a short 1:25 trailer that doesn’t reveal any details about the game’s storyline, but has enough visual impact to be of great interest to most gamers. It appears that GTA5 will take place somewhere in California, and the trailer depicts a world that seems even more alive and full of interesting people and activities than previous games in the series. With Max Payne 3 also on the way, it looks like Rockstar has much to look forward to in the coming year or two.