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iPad 2 May Not Have Home Button

iPad 2 May Not Have Home Button

Jan 13, 2011

According to Boy Genius Report, the iPad 2 — along with the iPhone 5 — may not have a physical Home button. The upcoming iOS 4.3 will apparently support multitouch gestures, including a gesture that brings the operating system to the Home screen. This would eliminate the necessity for the Home button, and according to rumors, Apple is already testing a variation of the iPad 2 internally that has no Home button.

The report goes on to suggest that the Photo booth may be coming to the iPad, and that Apple may release an iOS version of iLife when it announces the iPad 2. Engadget has looked into the code of the upcoming iOS 4.3, and has discovered that the code contains references to the iPad 2 as well as the iPhone 5. Regarding the iPad 2 references, there are three: presumably, the GSM iPad 2, the CDMA model, and the WiFi-only model. Although we see the iPhone 5 being released around the Holidays this year, Robert X. Cringely suggests that it could be here as soon as this June, potentially angering the many Verizon customers who are expected to purchase iPhone 4 units in the coming months.@ceoSteveJobs (a parody account on Twitter) concurs, saying: “Buy the Verizon iPhone February 10. lt’s not like anything incredibly better is coming out just a few months later.”

In slightly less exciting news, AppleInsider reports that iOS 4.3 will allow users to toggle between two different functions for the hardware switch on the iPad. After installing iOS 4.3, the hardware switch can be used to mute the iPad’s audio output or prevent the screen from changing orientation when the iPad is rotated.