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Rare Apple Memorabilia on eBay, Steam Hacked, Nokia GEM

Rare Apple Memorabilia on eBay, Steam Hacked, Nokia GEM

Nov 13, 2011

Rare Apple Memorabilia on eBay

eBay user kraymitchell is currently running a massive auction of Apple memorabilia collected through the years. The collectibles being auctioned off include a pack of Apple playing cards, a first-generation iPod sale display, various posters and other items rarely seen for sale. Some of the auctions already have bids exceeding $500, but many of the items are less expensive and still within affordable price ranges.

Apple eBay Memorabilia Auction

The Apple memorabilia auction includes an original iPod sales display, playing cards and a vintage Apple watch.

Valve’s Steam Game Service Hacked

On Thursday, game company Valve made an announcement that its Steam service had been hacked, apparently by exploiting a weakness in the forums. The hacker apparently gained access to the Steam customer database, which included user names, email addresses, hashed and salted passwords and encrypted credit card numbers. Although it would be difficult to break the encryption storing the most critical information, you would be very wise to change your password and monitor your credit card closely if you are a Steam member.

Nokia’s G3 Concept is a Mobile Phone With Full-Body Display

We all know the mantra: real artists ship. However, one can’t help but be impressed by the Nokia G3 concept. This video details a mobile phone that is nothing but display; the front, back and even sides display information and allow the user to move any element to any part of the phone. If such a product ever comes to fruition, it would be quite a beautiful phone.