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Steve Jobs Biography to Include Resignation Details

Steve Jobs Biography to Include Resignation Details

Aug 28, 2011

PC Magazine reported on Wednesday that the upcoming authorized biography by Walter Isaacson — Steve Jobs — will include information on Jobs’ recent resignation as Apple CEO. In addition, the release date of the book has been pushed forward from March 2012 to November 2011. is currently offering a special pre-order price of $17.88 for the hardcover edition or $18.99 for the Kindle edition. The expected retail price of the book will be $32.50.

The biography will be the first ever authorized by Jobs. Isaacson has supposedly been working on it for at least three years, conducting exclusive interviews with Jobs for source material. The book is highly anticipated by Apple fans and those interested in the history of the personal computer industry, and it promises to be a very interesting read.

Some have speculated that Jobs’ resignation as Apple CEO and changing the release date of the biography could be the result of a sudden worsening of Jobs’ health. Some pundits, however — such as Robert X. Cringely — have a slightly different take on the subject. Cringely believes that Jobs’ new position as Chairman of the Board will be an executive one, and that Jobs will retain tight control over Apple’s direction. Cringely believes that the resignation has more to do with satisfying stockholder concern about Jobs’ health than with any serious and immediate health concern.

Cringely also believes that new Apple CEO Tim Cook will not retain his position permanently because he lacks Jobs’ product visionary skills. However, Apple has since offered Cook a bonus of one million shares of Apple stock — worth about $383 million today — if he remains with the company for another ten years. Cook will receive half of the bonus in 2016, and the other half in 2021. This suggests that Apple intends to retain Cook for as long as possible.