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Nerdy Halloween Costumes

Nerdy Halloween Costumes

Oct 26, 2011

Computer lovers are a special breed; we tend to enjoy things that are just a bit on the nerdy side, and have no problem showing our interests off every chance we get. If you enjoy science fiction, fantasy or anything that delights the inner geek in all of us, Halloween is a perfect opportunity to show it. Go to this year’s Halloween party in style by dressing in one of these nerdy Halloween costumes.

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Science Fiction Costumes

Boba Fett Star Wars Costume

Star Wars Boba Fett Costume ($44.99)

Boba Fett Costume

While the casual Star Wars fans may occasionally don a Jedi robe for a party, the true geeks know Boba Fett is where it’s at. The base of this costume is a one-piece jumpsuit, with all of Boba Fett’s armor made from molded vinyl and attached. The cape and helmet, also included, are separate components. This suit is tailored for a man with a chest size between 36-40 inches. A larger version is available for men with a chest size up to 46 inches.

Star Wars Princess Leia Costume

Star Wars Princess Leia Costume ($47.99)

Princess Leia Costume

While the slave costume worn by Princess Leia in Return of the Jedi is arguably the one most people remember, it is a difficult one to pull off and not exactly comfortable to wear on a chilly October evening. Try this white costume — styled after Princess Leia’s outfit in A New Hope — instead. The costume is long, isn’t see-through as has been reported about some other Leia costumes and even includes a wig. Customer reports suggest that the wig isn’t quite as high-quality as the rest of the costume, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Star Trek The Next Generation Costume

Star Trek: The Next Generation Costume ($44.99)

Star Trek Costume

Any discussion of nerdy Halloween costumes that includes Star Wars also has to include Star Trek. The Star Trek series is well represented among costume manufacturers, and this one is our favorite. Based on the Star Fleet uniform worn on Star Trek: The Next Generation, this costume is available in red, blue and yellow. It includes removable pins for rank as well as a communicator pin — so whether you want to be Captain Picard, Commander Riker or Data, you can make this costume work. The costume includes the shirt and pins only, so don’t forget to pick up a pair of pants and a phaser.

Video Game Costumes

Street Fighter II Ryu Costume

Street Fighter II Ryu Costume ($38.00)

Street Fighter II Ryu Costume

Anyone who played video games even casually in the early ’90s remembers Street Fighter II, making Ryu one of the most iconic characters in game history, surpassed in the Street Fighter franchise perhaps only by Chun Li. This costume includes all of the elements inherent to Ryu’s appearance. With this package, you get the torn gi, the gloves and the headband — everything but the muscles.

Lightning Costume Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Costume ($129.95)

Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Costume

A bit of the old, a bit of the new. Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII has perhaps the most elaborate of all the costumes mentioned in this article, and what a costume it is; it includes every accessory you need to look exactly like Lightning save for the sword (which will set you back a couple hundred dollars). Beware of less expensive Lightning costumes, which include the accessories but not the base under-outfit.

Anime Costumes

Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Riza Hawkeye Costume

Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang and Riza Hawkeye Costumes ($84.95, $67.95)

Fullmetal Alchemist Roy Mustang Costume

Fullmetal Alchemist is undoubtedly one of the greatest anime series in recent memory, and its appearance on Adult Swim has given it plenty of mainstream appeal in the United States as well. Although one could certainly dress up as Edward Elric, we think that Roy Mustang’s costume is far cooler — especially if you can find someone willing to accompany you dressed as Riza Hawkeye (also pictured). Don’t forget to pick up a pair of Roy Mustang’s gloves to complete the look.

Bleach Anime Ichigo Orihime Costume

Bleach Ichigo and Orihime Anime Costumes ($84.95, $109.95)

Bleach Ichigo Costume

If you prefer an anime costume with plenty of accessories, perhaps Ichigo from Bleach — along with his sword, mask and hair — is more your style. Unlike standard Halloween costumes — which are generally just durable enough to get you through one night — this costume is made for cosplay purposes and will last as long as you take care of it. The sword blade is made from wood and should also hold up nicely, while the mask is plaster. Ask your date to come as Orihime (also pictured) so you can arrive as the perfect anime Halloween couple. Don’t forget the wig and hair pins to complete Orihime’s look.