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How to Unlock a Windows 8 Computer

How to Unlock a Windows 8 Computer

Jul 12, 2012

“When I turn my Windows 8 computer back on after placing it in Sleep mode, I come to a screen that won’t let me do anything. It displays the current date and time along with various other information like my computer’s current battery status, but I can’t log in. What is this screen, and why can’t I use my computer?”

When your Windows 8 computer resumes from Sleep, the first thing that you see is the Lock screen. Windows 8 is a very tablet-centric operating system, and it adopts the “slide to unlock” mechanism made popular by devices such as the iPhone and iPad. So, to get out of the Windows 8 lock screen and resume using your computer, you’ll need to drag the lock screen away to reveal the login screen.

  1. Place the mouse cursor around the middle of the lock screen.
  2. Click and hold the mouse button.
  3. Drag the mouse cursor up to slide the lock screen away and reveal the login screen.
  4. Click the icon representing your Windows user name and type your password if necessary to log in.