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How to Disable Spell Checking in Windows 8

How to Disable Spell Checking in Windows 8

Jul 12, 2012

“Whenever I type a long email with Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8, it seems like the Windows spell checker is constantly competing with the spell checker my email provider uses. Everything ends up getting flagged as misspelled and I feel like I sometimes have to type letters twice before they actually appear on the screen. How can I disable spell checking in Windows 8?”

Windows 8 includes a new spell checking feature that automatically highlights and corrects misspelled words in Internet Explorer 10 and other built-in applications. Particularly on slower computers, you may find that this feature causes keystrokes to be missed occasionally. If you’d rather not have Windows 8 correct your misspelled words automatically, you can disable spell checking easily via the PC Settings menu.
Disable Windows 8 Spell Checking

  1. Move the mouse to the hot corner in the top-right corner of the screen to display the Charms menu.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Click More PC Settings at the bottom of the menu. This displays a new screen titled “PC Settings.”
  4. Click General on the left side of the menu.
  5. Click the sliders next to Autocorrect misspelled words and Highlight misspelled words to change them to Off.