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How to Find Your Wireless Encryption Key or Password in Windows 8

How to Find Your Wireless Encryption Key or Password in Windows 8

Jul 11, 2012

“One of the features that I loved about Windows 7 was the fact that I could grab my wireless encryption key from my computer instead of logging in to the router when I had a friend over or bought a new game console — that feature was a big time saver. I can’t figure out how to get my wireless password in Windows 8, though. Does Windows 8 have this feature?”

Windows 8 includes a new wireless connection manager that looks completely different from what you might remember from Windows 7. Restyled to match the new Metro interface, the connection manager looks nice and makes wireless networks very easy to connect to. If you needed to add a new device to your network, Windows 7 made it very easy to grab the encryption key from a computer connected to the network rather than logging in to the router. Likewise, finding your wireless key in Windows 8 is a simple task.

  1. Windows 8 Wireless PasswordClick the Desktop icon on the Start screen to revert to the traditional Windows desktop.
  2. Click the wireless connection icon Windows 8 Wireless Key in the system tray. This brings up the new Metro-style wireless connection manager.
  3. Right-click the wireless connection for which you need to retrieve the encryption key, and select View connection properties.
  4. Select the Show characters check box. Your wireless encryption key appears in the Network security key field.

When you’re done, you may want to clear the check from the box to prevent someone else from grabbing your wireless password without your permission.